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A Journey of Service Excellence and Self: Celebrating 15 Years with Preferred Corporate Housing

As I reflect on the past 15 years of my professional and personal journey with Preferred Corporate Housing (PCH), it's a tapestry woven with threads of success, personal growth, and development driven by an unquenchable thirst for learning more and being being better than I was the day before. Join me on this trip down memory lane as I reminisce about the milestones, challenges, and the passion that has fueled my tenure with PCH.

I found PCH during a personal crisis after being unexpectedly let go from my previous position. On a whim I interviewed for the role of Accounts Payable Specialist, a position with which I had no previous experience. But I was committed to being my authentic self. I knew I had a lot of passion, hunger and dedication to offer, and was hoping they could see that too. It became very clear during the interview process that I was not a good fit for the AP Department, but Jon Lanclos and Samantha Elliott decided to take a chance on me anyway and created a position for me on the spot. I was let go from my previous job on a Tuesday, interviewed with PCH on Wednesday, and began my role as “Projects Coordinator” with Preferred Corporate Housing on Thursday! When I joined PCH that day, little did I know that this journey would lead me to so many incredible accomplishments both professional and personal that I’m not sure would have been possible without that chance Jon and Sam took on me. My commitment to being my authentic self while striving for service excellence became the cornerstone of my approach from day one, a guiding principle that would shape my entire career. And now fifteen years later as I pause to reflect, I can’t help but be emotional thinking about all we’ve accomplished.

In my fifteen years with PCH, I’ve had the privilege of achieving significant milestones that not only define my career but also exemplify PCH's commitment to excellence. Chairing the Worldwide ERC YP40 Committee allowed me to contribute to the development of young professionals in the industry and lay a framework for the success of the committee in years to come. The experiences were rich, filled with collaboration, and provided a platform for cultivating the next generation of leaders. Some of the connections I made while serving on that committee have forged lifelong friendships that I am so thankful to have.

Furthering my involvement, Serving as a two-time Executive Board President of the Houston Relocation Professionals was a testament to the trust and confidence my peers had in my leadership, and also a testament to the support that has always been offered to me by the PCH Leadership Team in allowing me to pursue volunteer positions such as this. Conceptualizing and launching the first-ever HRP ‘Relo Rodeo Round-Up,’ an event that has now become one of the can’t-miss events of the year, will always be one of the highlights of my career!

Receiving the CHPA Individual of the Year award in 2019 was a humbling experience that reinforced the importance of dedication and hard work. This accolade wasn't just a personal triumph but a collective recognition of PCH's commitment to excellence in corporate housing.

Earning the Distinguished Service Award from Worldwide ERC in 2022 stands out as a testament to the impact of collaboration and innovation in the realm of employee relocation. It reaffirmed my belief that true success is achieved not only through personal accomplishments but through collective efforts to raise the standards of the entire industry.

One constant throughout my journey has been an insatiable thirst for knowledge. PCH has always been a place that encourages continuous learning, fostering an environment where curiosity is valued and growth is inevitable. This commitment to learning coupled with the support of my team has allowed me to stay ahead of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to our clients and elevating our services to new heights.

And in my fifteen-year pursuit of service perfection, I've always embraced authenticity. Being true to myself, coupled with an unwavering commitment to integrity, has been the driving force behind my success at PCH. I’ve never wanted or attempted to be anyone other than me, take me or leave me! I believe authenticity not only builds trust but also creates a culture of transparency that permeates through every aspect of my work.

And as most people do, I’ve had many personal ups and downs in the last fifteen years that have impacted my day-to-day both positively and negatively. Being able to openly share and seek guidance and grace from my peers during divorce, personal loss, and my mother’s cancer battle to name a few, has been the unexpected blessing of working within this industry. I am so thankful to be a part of company and industry that embraces and supports people when they need it.

And it wouldn’t be an authentic recap if I didn’t also mention my daughter Emma, and the impact she has had on my career thus far. The challenges of being a single mother in a fast-paced career that involves travel, long hours, 24-hour guest attention and much of my brain power on most days are enormous. But working for a company that understands those challenges and provides support, flexibility and grace when its needed has been worth more than any paycheck I’ve received from PCH. Samantha and Jon have always advised me that this season of life with a young child would pass quickly, and they’ve created benefits that have allowed me to be there for Emma for almost all of it!

And lastly, there are many others throughout the last fifteen years who have had an enormous impact on me both professionally and personally, some who may not even know it. Whether they’ve offered career advice, been an ear for a personal struggle, carried themselves as an example of the type of leader I hoped to become, or helped with something as simple as making a connection to a collegue that led to future business opportunities. While I can’t call out every person (the list would be outrageously long), I did want to mention a few of them by name. Alan Grantham, Heidi Hume, Julius Milani, Anupam Singhal, Megan FitzGerrell, Chris Chalk, Heather James, Susan Benevides, Oliver Dubester, John Zilka, Catherine Killeen, Brad McDonald, Don Chance, and Mary Ann Passi. Thank you for being you! I credit much of my success to to the impressions you have made on my life!

In conclusion, as I celebrate 15 years with Preferred Corporate Housing, I am grateful for the incredible experiences, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped me both professionally and personally. The journey has been a remarkable one, filled with service excellence, leadership, and an unyielding passion for learning. Looking ahead, I am excited about the future, confident that the lessons learned and the values upheld will continue to guide me in the pursuit of even greater heights. Here's to many more years of service, growth, and success with PCH!

Posted on: 02/01/2024

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